En skönhet i håven. Foto Kenneth Einars

Dream Fishing top tips

Dream Fishing top tips Some anglers that visit Jämtland Härjedalen might not have any previous experience of fishing in the waters of northern Sweden. Some of our species of fish – such as brown trout, Arctic char and grayling – require specific skills of the angler. The climate and nature are other aspects of fishing…

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Fisketips gäddfiske inom Drömfiske. Foto Jerker Jämthagen

Pike fishing

Pike Fishing Peter Sjödin’s fishing trip – Win the forest duel. Text and photo: Jerker Jämthagen Sweden is the country of one hundred thousand lakes. In most of these lakes the northern pike is both king and queen. Well hidden, it lies in wait for its prey. When the time is right it strikes, and…

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Hugo Persson fiskar röding i Jormvattnet. Foto Anders Lundin

Three dream tips for Arctic char

Three dream tips for Arctic char You don’t need to drive your snow mobile deep into the mountains to find the coveted Arctic char. In the Dream Fishing areas, there are several lovely, easy-to-reach places where you can pretty much just step out of the car and start your fishing adventure. Here are 3 tips…

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Fisketur med Strapatser i Funäsdalen. Foto Jon Wagenius

Year round fishing

Year round fishing The good thing about fishing is that it is a hobby that you can enjoy at all times of the year – and still get plenty of variation and new experiences. Jämtland Härjedalen can absolutely offer fishing in all seasons. Early summer Lighter nights and tender green nature. It is time for…

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